This seminar is devoted to dimer models, critical statistical mechanics in dimension 2 and discrete complex analysis.
  • Location: École Normale Supérieure, DMA, Salle R
  • Time: Every second Wednesday, 10:30am
  • Organizers:
    • Cédric Boutillier (Sorbonne Université)
    • Dmitry Chelkak (École Normale Supérieure)

Upcoming talks

due to COVID-19, the seminar is suspended for an undefinite period of time


Wed 04 Mar 2020: Sunil Chhita (Durham)
The domino shuffling algorithm and anisotropic KPZ stochastic growth

The domino-shuffling algorithm can be seen as a stochastic process describing the irreversible growth of a (2+1)-dimensional discrete interface. Its stationary speed of growth depends on the average interface slope, as well as on the edge weights, that are assumed to be periodic in space. In this talk, we present the model and also some results showing that this model belongs to the anisotropic KPZ class for general periodic weights. Finding an explicit formula for the speed of growth is out of reach. Instead we show a relation between the speed of growth and the limiting height function of domino tilings of the Aztec diamond. This is joint work with Fabio Toninelli.

Wed 19 Feb 2020: David Cimasoni (Genève)
Dimers on the Klein bottle

Unusual time/room: 14:00 salle W

The dimer model on graphs embedded in the torus (or equivalently, doubly-periodic planar graphs) is very well understood thanks to the classical work of Kasteleyn, Kenyon, Okounkov, Sheffield, and many others. In this talk, I will report on ongoing work about the dimer model on graphs embedded in the Klein bottle (or equivalently, periodic-antiperiodic planar graphs). As we will see, Kasteleyn's theorem extends (this is due to Tesler), as well as Cohn-Kenyon-Propp's double product formula (joint work with Adrien Kassel). This allows us to evaluate the asymptotics of the dimer partition function on Klein bottles, in the spirit of Kenyon, Sun, and Wilson's result on tori.